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What's New At Our School,

Thank you, parents and families, for participating in the Fall Festival activities. Children benefit from seeing their parents involved in school activities and events. It encourages children to participate and get involved in several learning activities and develop appropriate behaviors, skills, and an appreciation for learning and school.   

I would also like to share some great news regarding two past reviews. The first is that our school received a 4 out of 5 rating on an audit done on August 8th by Quality Start Los Angeles (QSLA). This means that our school is a high quality preschool! The score is comprised of positive interactions, child observations, the learning environment as a whole, and staff qualifications. This is a great opportunity for our school because funding and resources will be increased. Then on October 26th, our Special Ed. program underwent a District Validation Review (DVR). Again, we demonstrated we have a high quality program and received overall high scores. We could not have accomplished this without your support and continuous parent involvement in our school. Thank you!

Ms. Claudia Araujo


  • Center hours:7:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
  • Sign-in at the time of arrival and departure. If absent please sign-in the day the child was out to confirm reason for absence.
  • Notify the school if you are arriving after your child’s contract hours.
  • Payment is due the first of the month for fee-paying parents.


For safety, children will only be released to persons authorized on the emergency card and over the age of 18.

Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

The first Parent Advisory Committee meeting of this school year will meet on Tuesday, November 28, 2017 at 3:30 pm in room 4. We will discuss school beautification, Winter Program and Data driven goals in DRDP measures and Parent Surveys. Please plan to attend, Thank you.

Local District North East Arts & Lit Fest

Today: 1/19/18

Helpful preschool tips:

1. Read to your child every day. (Make it a special time to spend together.)

2. Give everything a name. (Help build comprehension skills early by expanding your child’s language.)

3. Create a daily routine. (This will help your child know what to expect and be able to prepare for it.)

4. Teach safety. (As your child becomes more independent, it is important to remind them to keep themselves and others safe.)

5. Play- (Children learn through play.)

Creative Curriculum


This study shows how to use children’s interest in clothes to help them explore social studies and science concepts about different kinds of clothing and where and how clothing is made. The study also helps children use skills in literacy, math, technology, and the arts as they investigate.