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Enrollment Procedures

Eligibility List

An Eligibility List is maintained at each Early Childhood Education program site. The term "eligibility" is used because families are ranked by eligibility factors established for California subsidized child care and education programs. Families whose children are receiving child protective services or whose children are at risk of being neglected or abused are admitted first. Next are families in accordance with family income, with the lowest per income ranking admitted first. Eligible 4 year old children are admitted before eligible 2 and 3 year old children.

Enrollment Process

The Early Childhood Education program will notify you by phone or mail when they have space available for your child. They will provide you with a checklist of documents needed to complete the certification and enrollment process. On receipt of all the required documentation, an appointment will be scheduled to complete the Confidential Application for Child Development Services and Certification of Eligibility.

  • Employment and Self-Employment - Including Days and Hours Employed
  • Seeking Employment
  • Attending School or Training Toward Vocational Goals

We are currently enrolling preschoolers for the new school year 2018-2019. For more information, please contact the office at (818) 896-5501.